Get Rid of Unwanted Trees and Stumps on Your Property

Get Rid of Unwanted Trees and Stumps on Your Property

Schedule tree removal services in Highlands, TX and surrounding areas

JR Flores Landscape Services offers comprehensive tree removal service. This tree removal service includes stump removal and grinding.

Whether they're from fallen trees or trees you've had cut down, tree stumps are unsightly and can even be hazardous. JR Flores Landscape Services will remove any stumps littering your property fast.

Call today to get an estimate on our tree stump removal services.

Prune the trees on your property

JR Flores Landscape Services provides expert tree trimming services for residential and commercial clients in Highlands, TX and surrounding areas. Here's why you should schedule tree trimming services:


Tree pruning will keep the tree healthy and can help avoid major splits.


Removing dead limbs is a necessary safety precaution.


Pruning branches keeps the tree beautiful and allows for more visibility.

Your trees will be healthy all year with regular tree trimming services.

Schedule a time for us to help you manage your trees today.